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Areas for improvement from Ofsted (Dec 19)


Some subjects in the revised curriculum ha ve been planned well. However, it is at the
very early stages of implementation. Leaders know that further modifications are
needed to ensure that sequences of learning are planned to have a positive impact on
learning. The plans for some foundation subjects are less effective. Leaders and
teachers should ensure that the curriculum for science and history is implemented
effectively. They should make sure that children and pupils gain strong subject specific
knowledge and skills, which they can apply and deepen over time.

◼ Not all subject leaders are equally confident in their role. Senior leaders need to make
sure that leaders in subj ects beyond English and mathematics are trained and
supported so that they can carry out their roles. Subject leaders need to check that
teachers are planning activities that match the plans for their subject area. They also
need to check that pupils in ke y stage 1 and 2 can remember and use what they have
learned in subjects

◼ Leaders and governors should ensure that the initiatives designed to reduce persistent
absenteeism and improve attendance are successful

To improve progress in reading to be sustained and above national 

2018 Results

KS1 Reading 71% Expected 24% GD
KS2 Reading 92% Expected 33% GD


2019 Results

KS1 Reading 88% Expected 18% GD
KS2 Reading 68% Expected 14% GD


To improve progress in maths across the school

2018 Results

KS1 Maths 76% Expected 24% GD
KS2 Maths 100% Expected 25% GD


2019 Results

KS1 Maths 83% Expected 18% GD
KS2 Maths 91% Expected 18% GD


To improve attainment and rates of progress in writing across KS2

2018 Results

KS1 Writing 71% Expected 24% GD
KS2 Writing 100% Expected 17% GD

2019 Results

KS1 Writing 76%  EXP 24%  GD
KS2 Writing 77% EXP 23%  GD


Areas for inprovement from SIAMs

To strengthen SMSC by providing more requent atructured opportunities for children to plan and lead collective worship

Collective worship groups have been running this year and over half of the pupils have taken part in organising collective worship

To provide opportunities for learners to learn directly from members of a variety of world faiths.

The school has taken part in a visit to another school where a number of other faiths were represented


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