At Flamborough School our intent is to produce religiously literate children who can hold balanced and informed discussions about religion and world views.

Children will also have knowledge and understanding of other World cultures, as well as being able to celebrate their own believes and heritage.  

Our curriculum helps to develop beliefs that inform our values and are reflected in how we behave. It provokes challenging questions which helps to develop understanding of Christianity and other principal religions, traditions and views. RE helps pupils to develop personally and to aid their well-being, it contributes to community cohesion by promoting mutal respect and tolerance in a diverse society.

We follow the East Riding agreed syllabus which promotes an inlcusive approach to religion and helps pupils ot understand modern society and issues within the world. From September 2022 we will be following the new agreed syllabus for religion and worldviews. This new syllabus includes worldviews and the connecting lenses of Theology, Philosophy and Social Sciences. Enabling children to have a relevant and deeper understanding of what faith and practice means not only to the believer but to the learner, regardless of their personal stance. 

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