‘To provide all children with positive experiences through sport; promoting healthy lifestyles and a sense of achievement’.

We aim to provide two hours of curricular physical education in a broad and balanced programme;

We will also provide opportunities both in and outside the curriculum which involves all pupils and promotes positive attitudes towards participation in physical activity;

Our curriculum is designed to enable pupils to understand the importance of physical activity and we actively include all pupils in physical activity. 

We raise the profile of physical activity throughout the school and encourage cross-curricular links;

Appropriately qualified professionals are invited to contribute to the provision of curriculum and out of hours activities;

We provide a range of lunchtime and after school clubs and other extra-curricular activities that promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle:

We have safe and stimulating areas to encourage play and activity;

We also provide opportties for children to compete in a variety of sports both within school and with other schools in the local area;

Staff have relevant in-service training opportunities;

We monitor pupil’s level of involvement in physical activity inside school and at after school activities, with the aim of increasing pupil participation.

The curriculum at Flamborough is designed to progressively develop skills and understanding. It is varied, accessible to all, challenging and most importantly fun.

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